Quality Project Financing Tracking

Sept 26,2023
in the past 1 day, 2 projects have completed a total of $4.6M financing: ProjectName: Pimlico, funding: $1.6M, round: Pre-Seed Category: Infrastructure RelatedLinks: https://x.com/pimlicoHQ/status/1706370525952610509 LeadInvestors: 1confirmation Investors: Safe,ConsenSys,a16z crypto,css23 Introduction: infrastructure layer powering Ethereum’s transition to ERC-4337 smart accounts ProjectName: Cygnetise, funding: $3M, round: pre-Series A Category: Infrastructure RelatedLinks: https://x.com/cygnetise/status/1706282364433756379 LeadInvestors: Adjuvo Investors: Massive Introduction: digital management of Authorised Signatories, Delegated Authorities, Powers of Attorney on the blockchain
This indicator broadcasts a daily tracking of the financing of quality projects.