Analysis of the Latest Data from

Oct 26,2023
The yesterday revenue of was: $98.25K(24H: -26.68%), the protocal’s cumulative revenue: $21.27M, the yesterday details are as follows: Revenue(ytd.): $98.25K (24H: -26.68%) Rrevenue(Total): $21.27M Buyers VS Sellers(ytd.): 753.45 Buyers(ytd.): 4.05K (24H: -68.88%) Sellers(ytd.): 537 (24H: 16.49%) Transactions(ytd.): 46.54K (24H: -3.46%) Transactions(Total): 11.63M represents a new paradigm in SocialFi. The usage, protocol revenue, and other data associated with this protocol have a significant impact on how SocialFi will evolve in the future. Daily analysis of the latest data from this protocol helps us stay up-to-date with the latest developments in SocialFi and discover the next potential 100x SocialFi project.