BTC Rich List Change Tracker

Oct 31,2023
in the past 24 hours, BTC holder#64 increased 500.0 BTC. Address: bc1qvhxafz8dqk8c25jsx669yd6qrxhl5dx72dyryp Current Balance/% of total: 12.6K / 0.06% Transactions (30D/Total): 7 / 38 First Transaction: 2023-01-17 02:06:07 Last Transaction: 2023-10-30 04:08:21
BTC is the direction indicator of the entire industry, and changes in the BTC rich list will also have a positive impact on the price of BTC in the short term. When these accounts increase or decrease their holdings of BTC, we will know immediately, which will help us judge the next market trend. This indicator only monitors the Top 100 BTC holders.