Whale Address Tracker(Community)

Nov 14,2023
Since @zachxbt revealed that GROK was created by a scammer, 0xbb03 immediately dumped all 30.97M GROK for 195 ETH($400K). This guy spent 2 ETH to buy 105M GROK within 10 minutes after opening trading, making a total of 227 ETH ($460K) on GROK. https://t.co/3fiIbqqatl https://t.co/mNYUnuK01N
The asset changes of whales often have a great impact on the corresponding Token price. The monitoring and analysis of whales is already one of the tasks that every research community must do. This indicator mainly collects the assets of various whale addresses monitored by each community change behavior. For example: @lookonchain, @spotonchain, etc.