Quality Project Financing Tracking

Nov 17,2023
in the past 1 day, 4 projects have completed a total of $18.7M financing: ProjectName: Bazooka Tango, funding: $5M, round: Private Category: Gaming RelatedLinks: https://decrypt.co/206135/bazooka-tango-raises-5-million-revive-shardbound-nft-game LeadInvestors: Bitkraft Ventures Investors: RW3 Ventures,Sfermion,1 Up Ventures Introduction: zkEVM Game ProjectName: Taproot Wizards, funding: $7.5M, round: Private Category: NFT RelatedLinks: https://techcrunch.com/2023/11/16/taproot-wizards-bitcoin-ordinals/ LeadInvestors: Standard Crypto Investors: Geometry,Collider Ventures,StarkWare,UTXO Management,Bitcoin Frontier Fund,Masterkey,Newman Capital Introduction: Bitcoin Ordinals ProjectName: Union Labs, funding: $4M, round: Seed Category: Infrastructure RelatedLinks: https://x.com/union_build/status/1725149230837190866 LeadInvestors: Galileo Investors: Tioga Capital Partners,Nascent,Semantic,Lightshift,Chorus One Introduction: cross-chain bridge based on zero-knowledge proofs ProjectName: Rho Protocol, funding: $2.2M, round: Pre-Seed Category: DEX RelatedLinks: https://x.com/Rho_xyz/status/1725166511331885548 LeadInvestors: Speedinvest Investors: KeyRock,Re7 Captial,Daedalus,Dmitry Tokarev Introduction: non-custodial interest rate futures and swaps trading platform
This indicator broadcasts a daily tracking of the financing of quality projects.