ETH Network Gas Fee Tracking

Nov 20,2023
the Ethereum network Gas fee has risen to 130 Gwei(≈$5.46), an increase of 584.21% in 1 hour. The top five projects burning ETH leaderboard in the past 1 hour are ▶, Burn 14.63ETH(1H), Address: 0xd152f549545093347a162dce210e7293f1452150 ▶ Uniswap, Burn 13.26ETH(1H), Address: 0x3fc91a3afd70395cd496c647d5a6cc9d4b2b7fad ▶ Maestro, Burn 7.45ETH(1H), Address: 0x80a64c6d7f12c47b7c66c5b4e20e72bc1fcd5d9e ▶ Banana Gun 🍌🔫, Burn 6.32ETH(1H), Address: 0xdb5889e35e379ef0498aae126fc2cce1fbd23216 ▶ Optimism, Burn 5.99ETH(1H), Address: 0xff00000000000000000000000000000000000010
This indicator monitors the abnormal situation of ETH network gas fee in real time and broadcasts abnormal data in time.