Grayscale Fund GBTC & EETH Premium Tracker

Jan 09,2024
Grayscale Fund GBTC premium rate fluctuates -1.24%, currently: -6.83% (previous: -5.59%), EETH premium rate fluctuates -5.23%, currently: -15.19% (previous: -9.96%), more details are as follows: GBTC Current Primary Price: $41.86 GBCT Current Secondary Price: $39.0 GBTC Current Premium Rate: -6.83% EETH Current Primary Price: $22.32 EETH Current Secondary Price: $18.93 EETH Current Premium Rate: -15.19%
The premium rate of Grayscale funds GBTC & EETH reflects the popularity of crypto within the capital market. A higher positive premium indicates stronger favorability within the financial market, which indirectly suggests increased capital inflow into the crypto space. Conversely, a larger negative premium suggests more bearish sentiment within the financial market, implying potential capital outflows from the crypto space.