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Feb 14,2024
Binance: Binance Wednesday Financial Day: New limited-time events not to be missed (2024-02-14) This is a general announcement. Products and services referred to here may not be available in your region. 🪧 Table display is not currently supported Fellow Binancians,  Binance Earn presents to you new offers that will launch each Wednesday. Stay tuned for Earn Wednesday to get rewards across Simple Earn, BNB Vault, ETH Staking, Dual Investment and more. [Trending Limited-Time Offers] ProductOfferingsDurationAPRMin. Subscription Limit per UserMax. Subscription Limit per User Flexible ProductsFDUSDFlexibleReal-Time APR(Approx. 7%)+Up to 5% Bonus Tiered APR0.1 FDUSDUnlimitedUSDTFlexibleReal-Time APR(Approx. 10%)+Up to 7% Bonus Tiered APR0.1 USDTUnlimitedBNB VaultBNBFlexibleReal-Time APR+Up to 0.35% Bonus Tiered APR+PIXEL Launchpool Rewards 0.0015 BNBUnlimitedETH StakingETHFlexibleApprox. 3.37%0.0001 ETHUnlimitedLocked ProductsBNB120 Days3.5%+PIXEL Launchpool Rewards 0.001 BNB20 BNBSUI120 Days4.9%0.1 SUI1,000 SUISOL120 Days8.5%0.01 SOL40 SOLDYM120 Days14.9%0.1 DYM200 DYMRONIN120 Days17.9%0.1 RONIN500 RONINDual InvestmentBTCMultiple Settlement DatesUp to 15% or more0.00001 BTC200 BTC per subscription Please Note: Flexible and Locked ProductsOffers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once subscribed, users can view their assets by going to Wallets > Earn.Users may choose to redeem their assets in advance in Simple Earn Locked Products. After choosing early redemption, the principal will be returned to the spot account, and the distributed interest will be deducted from the refunded principal. Due to differing global time zones, it may take 48-72 hours to receive the tokens.Users will automatically receive rewards from ongoing Launchpools when they hold BNB Vault and/or BNB Locked Products positions. Refer to this announcement for more information. ********** [More Earn Updates & Attractive Promotions] Locked Products [Ending Soon!] Eligible users who confirm their participation and subscribe to BNB Locked Products during the Promotion Period can share 28,888 MANTA in Simple Earn Locked Products and exclusive Binance merchandise. [View more] Users can now subscribe to 15-day BNB Locked Products on Simple Earn. [View more]  Dual Investment Users may subscribe to Dual Investment with BTC, USDT, FDUSD and more, to earn up to 15% APR or more in rewards during periods of high trading volume and increased price volatility. [View more]  ********** Note: There may be discrepancies in the translated version of this original article in English. Please reference this original version for the latest or most accurate information where any discrepancies may arise. Thank you for your support! Binance Team 2024-02-14 Original link:
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