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Feb 20,2024
Binance: Binance Wealth Management completes Starknet (STRK) distribution program for Binance ETH pledged users This is a general announcement. Products, services and the Distribution Plan referred to here may not be available in your region or for some users. Fellow Binancians, Binance Earn has completed the Starknet (STRK) distribution plan to eligible Binance ETH Staking users. Users can confirm the receipt of these tokens at the Airdrop Portal. Snapshot Details: A snapshot of users’ total BETH balances across Spot and Funding wallets was taken at 2022-09-15 23:59 (UTC).  Please Note: Only users from qualified regions who held BETH in their Binance Spot and Funding wallets at 2022-09-15 23:59 (UTC) were eligible for the Starknet (STRK) token distribution.Starknet (STRK) tokens were distributed to eligible users at a ratio of 1 BETH = 10.26375 STRK. Binance received a total of 10,178,280 Starknet (STRK) tokens from the Starknet Foundation to facilitate this distribution plan. Users should ensure that they have NOT selected “Hide Small Balances” to view their Starknet (STRK) token balances in the Spot Wallet.U.S. persons, entities and sanctioned countries are not eligible to receive this distribution. In addition, select users may not qualify for the distribution due to prevailing product and/or regulatory restrictions. For more information, please refer to Binance Terms of Use. There may be discrepancies in the translated version of this original article in English. Please reference this original version for the latest or most accurate information where any discrepancies may arise. For More Information: Binance Earn Will Support the Starknet (STRK) Distribution Plan for Binance ETH Staking Users Thank you for your support! Binance Team 2024-02-20 Original link:
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