Quality Project Financing Tracking

Mar 05,2024
in the past 1 day, 3 projects have completed a total of $9M financing: ProjectName: CredShields, funding: $1M, round: Strategic Category: Smart contract security RelatedLinks: https://x.com/CredShields/status/1764582211859231152 LeadInvestors: Draper Associates Introduction: Web3 security ProjectName: Privasea, funding: $5M, round: Seed Category: Infrastructure RelatedLinks: https://x.com/Privasea_ai/status/1764644482287546465 Investors: Binance Labs,MH Ventures,Gate Labs,K300,QB Ventures, Crypto Times,Zakaria Awes, Luke Sheng Introduction: Network integration of Fully Homomorphic Encryption Machine Learning (FHEML) into a distributed computing network ProjectName: Stack, funding: $3M, round: Seed Category: Infrastructure RelatedLinks: https://x.com/stackdotso/status/1764708473994928211 LeadInvestors: Archetype Investors: Coinbase Ventures,Scalar Capital,A.Capital,Balaji Srinivasan,Nadav Hollander,Henri Stern,Cooper Turley,Colin Armstrong Introduction: on-chain points infrastructure
This indicator broadcasts a daily tracking of the financing of quality projects.