Quality Project Financing Tracking

Mar 07,2024
in the past 1 day, 3 projects have completed a total of $13.2M financing: ProjectName: Hedgehog, funding: $1.5M, round: Pre-Seed Category: DeFi RelatedLinks: https://x.com/TheHedgehog_io/status/1765355385290965024 Investors: Marshland Capital,Tenzor Capital,Prometeus Ventures,3Commas Capital,Nothing Research,Vasiliy Shapovalov,Banteg,Ivangbi Introduction: Protocol for hedging against crypto transaction fees ProjectName: TON , funding: $8M, round: Secondary Market Category: L1 RelatedLinks: https://x.com/ton_blockchain/status/1765425008627568969 Introduction: TON Labs is a core developer of the Free TON blockchain protocol and TON OS (operating system). ProjectName: Firewall, funding: $3.7M, round: Pre-Seed Category: Smart contract security RelatedLinks: https://x.com/iamoptmstc/status/1765424566518874692 LeadInvestors: North Island Venture,Breyer Capital,Hack VC Investors: Finality Capital Partners,Kain Warwick,Smokey The Bera,Tim Ogilvie,Nathan McCauley,Xinsu Dong,Jack Bounce,Pranay Mohan Introduction: blockchain security infrastructure firm
This indicator broadcasts a daily tracking of the financing of quality projects.