Quality Project Financing Tracking

Mar 16,2024
in the past 1 day, 3 projects have completed a total of $88M financing: ProjectName: Berachain, funding: $69M, round: Private Category: L1 RelatedLinks: https://x.com/TheBlock__/status/1768482396960104645 LeadInvestors: Brevan Howard Digital,Framework Ventures Introduction: EVM-equivalent L1 built on the Cosmos SDK and powered by Proof of Liquidity ProjectName: TEN, funding: $9M Category: L2 RelatedLinks: https://x.com/TheBlock__/status/1768668512438915176 LeadInvestors: R3 Investors: Republic Crypto,KuCoin Labs,Big Brain Holdings,Magnus Capital,DWF Labs Introduction: Ethereum Layer 2 network focused on encryption, allowing developers to choose which parts of the smart contracts they want private and which parts public ProjectName: D2X, funding: $10M, round: Series A Category: CEX RelatedLinks: https://x.com/TheBlock__/status/1768345050168103273 LeadInvestors: Point 72 Ventures Investors: GSR Markets,Tioga Capital,Fortino Capital,Jabre Capital Partners,Picus Capital,TRGC Introduction: crypto derivatives platform
This indicator broadcasts a daily tracking of the financing of quality projects.