Whale Address Tracker(Community)

Mar 31,2024
This trader turned $113K into $3.4M by trading DEGEN! He bridged 38 ETH($113K) to #Base on Feb 22 and spent 31.6 ETH($108K) to buy 85.36M DEGEN on Mar 2. He sold 72.73M DEGEN for 2.83M USDC 15 hours ago, with 12.6M DEGEN (worth $600K) left. https://t.co/VYvGIPWQYm https://t.co/qW5eiMjPgo
The asset changes of whales often have a great impact on the corresponding Token price. The monitoring and analysis of whales is already one of the tasks that every research community must do. This indicator mainly collects the assets of various whale addresses monitored by each community change behavior. For example: @lookonchain, @spotonchain, etc.