All DEXs Trading Volumes Tracker

Jun 18,2024
In the past 7 days, the trading volume of 3 protocols has increased by more than 100%: Project Name: MerlinSwap (Dexes) Volume(7D): $23.28M, increase: 241.4% Volume(Total): $856.55M Current TVL: $91.12M Project Name: Nuri Exchange (Dexes) Volume(7D): $17.54M, increase: 108.22% Volume(Total): $77.02M Current TVL: $1.9M Website:} Introduction: Nuri is a next-generation AMM designed to serve as Scroll's central liquidity hub, combining the secure and battle-tested superiority of Uniswap v3 with a custom incentive engine, vote-lock governance model, and streamlined user experience. Project Name: SyncSwap (Dexes) Volume(7D): $99.55M, increase: 162.74% Volume(Total): $7.18B Current TVL: $89.63M In the past 7 days, the trading volume of 1 protocols fell by more than 50%: Project Name: Kriya (Dexes) Volume(7D): $3.82M, fell: -64.82% Volume(Total): $445.01M Current TVL: $40.91M Website:} Introduction: One stop DeFi protocol on Sui. Offering Swaps, Limit Orders, 1-click leverage lending strategies, Yield Optimiser Vaults and 20x perpetuals
The trading activity on various DEXs across public blockchains is the most sensitive indicator preceding any trend. As more users participate, there is an increased demand for trading, leading to larger fluctuations in trading volume. This metric monitors the trading volume fluctuations of all major DEXs across the entire network. It triggers an alert when the trading volume on DEXs has increased by 100% or decreased by 50% over the past 7 days.