Legionfarm Gaming Heroes #1

3,021 Items

Legionfarm is a community of 5,000 pro players who lead 60,000 players while helping them with companionship, ranking, and yield farming. We are a Y Combinator backed company with a wide portfolio of AAA+ games, along with NFT and Metaverse games. The future of Legionfarm is LEGIONFARM DAO. Our mission is to create 1 million new jobs inside virtual worlds! We start Gaming Club NFT Collection #1. What NFT Owners Get? Gaming Heroes Club Membership: Hang out with pros, community members, and celebrities; Your unique identity within our gaming community; Legionfarm lifetime subscription: play with pros to have fun, win, rank up, and become better at AAA video games. Coming Soon - Legionfarm DAO: Join the early community of those who are going to shape up the DAO with us. The ownership of these NFTs will positively influence your position in the governance process when the DAO is launched. Ownership of Legionfarm NFT guarantees an early participation in airdrops of governance tokens.