The latest news on the reduction of the whale address

Changes in the assets of the whales often have a large impact on the corresponding Token prices. This indicator mainly tracks the asset change behavior of various Token whale addresses, such as: transferring assets, adding new Tokens, increasing/decreasing holdings, etc. The tracked whales include: Bitcoin top 10 non-exchange whale addresses, SBF (FTX founder), VitalikButerin, Justin-Sun (founder of Tron), NFT Top Player ($600 earn to $9 million), A16z (famous investment institution), 0xb1 (DeFi KOL), Three Arrows Capital (famous investment institution), Ether top 10 non-exchange Giant Whale Address, EtherFoundation, Jump Trading (top market maker), Polychain, CrytopPunk Grand Collector, Feng Bo (famous investor), GALA Giant Whale, etc.

Solend Giant Whale With a Massive Position of $170M SOL and $108M Stables Faced Liquidations
KingData News: The founder of Solend protocol, an algorithmic and decentralized lending and borrowing protocol on Solana, tweeted that a giant whale has a massive position of $170M worth of SOL deposited and $108M stables borrowed. The positions account for 95% of the SOL deposits and 86% of USDC borrowing on the Solend Main Pool. The liquidation price is $22.27. Solend founder Rooter tweeted, "We still have a ways to go but want to be ready for the worst case scenario if the whale were to get liquidated, it'd start with a partial liquidation capped at 20% of the outstanding borrows (~$21M). This size could be cleared with no problem OTC, but most liquidators on solend are bots programmed to use DEX liquidity. There's a risk that these bots do as they're programmed and nibble at the whale, selling on DEXes like Serum and Orca. Solend uses Pyth Network which quotes from off-chain, which certainly helps (it would be worse if only on-chain liquidity was considered), there's some worry that such a sale could quickly send the price down further, causing other accounts to become underwater. Solend has a treasury with $20M that can help repay bad debt. However, in a worst case scenario (which is what we want to be ready for), this may not be enough. Thus, we're proactively trying to engage the whale to get them to reduce their position and stop presenting such a systemic risk to other users of solend. if you want to help, you can try to help us contact this whale or you can place on-chain bids at $22.27 to help with the DEX liquidity (which you could hedge elsewhere with a stop-loss). "
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