Latest Progress about ETH 2.0

May 26,2022
Tim Beiko, a Core Ether Developer, Has Released a Proposal to Allocate 200,000 ENS to Support the Protocol Guild Pilot KingData News: Tim Beiko, a core Ether developer, and Trent Van Epps, a member of the Ether Foundation, have jointly released a proposal to allocate 200,000 ENS to support the Protocol Guild Pilot, a decentralized tool whose contract will act as an autonomous value routing mechanism, allowing projects to distribute governance tokens to organizations and individuals who contribute to the project. The proposal states that the value of allocating 200,000 ENS is to incentivize core Ether contributors, allow contributors to participate more in governance, make protocol governance more decentralized, and more. Previously, Protocol Guild Pilot members have initiated proposals in the Lido and Uniswap communities to allocate 2 million LDOs and 500,000 UNIs to the organization.
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