Bitcoin's 3rd Largest Giant Whale Increases Holdings by 565 BTC Today

7 days ago
According to KingData monitoring:Bitcoin Giant Whale address (1PL2cmmMLmGGDtqaSZJY8DR1iKJaziEPJv) today added 565 BTC to its holdings at an average price of $19,958.29 , valued at $11.28M. The address is currently ranked 3rd on the Bitcoin Rich List.
Changes in the assets of the whales often have a large impact on the corresponding Token prices. This indicator mainly tracks the asset change behavior of various Token whale addresses, such as: transferring assets, adding new Tokens, increasing/decreasing holdings, etc. The tracked whales include: Bitcoin top 10 non-exchange whale addresses, SBF (FTX founder), VitalikButerin, Justin-Sun (founder of Tron), NFT Top Player ($600 earn to $9 million), A16z (famous investment institution), 0xb1 (DeFi KOL), Three Arrows Capital (famous investment institution), Ether top 10 non-exchange Giant Whale Address, EtherFoundation, Jump Trading (top market maker), Polychain, CrytopPunk Grand Collector, Feng Bo (famous investor), GALA Giant Whale, etc.