0623 KingData Daily Highlights

7 days ago
Global Policies: 1. Russia to Test the Use of Digital Rubles for Real Estate Transactions Settlement 2. U.S. House of Representatives: Digital Dollar Will Ensure That the Dollar Becomes a Global Reserve Currency Industry Trends: 1. Binance Founder: Bitcoin Price May Not Break All-Time Highs in the Near Term 2. Tron Dao Reserve Buys Another $10 Million USDD With TRX 3. Maple Finance and TrueFi Facing Deposit Depletion, Large Repayment Mostly Happen Between End of July to End of August 4. Cryptocurrency Broker Voyager Digital Faces Default With a Risk Exposure of 15,250 Btc From 3AC 5. Japanese Virtual IP Company Brave Group Closes $10 Million Funding Round to Expand Metaverse Marketing Solution Services Giant Whale Moves: 1. Bitcoin’s 3RD Largest Whale Increased Its Holdings by 565 Btc Today, Worth $11.28 Million 2. Alameda Transferred 29.82M Usdc to Ftx 3. 0x40 Opening Address Transferred 13.4 Million Stablecoins to Pay Off Debt on Aave NFT News: 1. eBay Announced the Acquisition of NFT Trading Platform Knownorigin 2. Phantom Now Supports NFT Directly on Magic Eden From the Browser Extension App 3. Shopify Adds NFT-Gated Option for Online Retailers
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