How long will the long-short stalemate last?

7 days ago
The market was capped and fell yesterday, ending the upward rebound since June 19. Because of this bounce: 1. BTC, a "key signal" appeared on the daily chart, indicating that the market is about to choose a direction after the rebound; 2. According to the closing price and opening price of the "key signal", the key position is 19271; 3. The first step in the market needs to probe this position. According to this, the one-way direction is mainly short; 4. After the market hits 19271 downwards, focus on whether the closing price of the 4-hour chart can break below 19271; 5. If the position cannot be broken, the market may get out of the structure of the inverted N-shaped rebound and continue to rise; 6. If the closing price of the 4-hour chart breaks below this position, the market is bearish, and a downward trend should be launched, with the target near the previous low of 18,000. Meet everyone at 20:00 every night in the live broadcast room of Coin Exchange to decrypt the candle chart~ Fixed Tencent Meeting ID: 538 626 0025 Click the link to enter the live room: (Note: The live broadcast content is provided by third-party analysts for learning and reference only, and is not intended as investment advice for anyone.)
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