ETH Network Gas Fee Tracking

7 days ago
Ethereum Network Gas Fee Rises 313.79% in 24 Hours According to KingData monitoring, the Ethereum network Gas fee rose to 240 Gwei, with a 24h increase of 313.79%. The top 5 projects by 24-hour burn are: OpenSea, contract address: 0x00000000006c3852cbef3e08e8df289169ede581 Uniswap V3, contract address: 0x68b3465833fb72a70ecdf485e0e4c7bd8665fc45 Tether, contract address: 0xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7 Moonrunners, contract address: 0x1485297e942ce64e0870ece60179dfda34b4c625 SpunMonkes, contract address: 0xcc15b249f8ac06b4a56deb5627afcef061df45a4
This indicator monitors the abnormal situation of ETH network gas fee in real time and broadcasts abnormal data in time.