Short and heavy volume, continue to drop?

Aug 02,2022
The pie is the same as what the old spy said in the live broadcast yesterday, the 4-hour channel continues to run downward, and friends who have already operated in the community can pay attention to the profit of the position. Since breaking the previous high and then forming a top and divergence structure, it has a volatile downward trend. Yesterday's high hit the 23500 line and then fell under pressure. In the evening, it fell to around 22850 and reached the take-profit level that the old spy said. The first-line profit is 800 US dollars, and the hourly level temporarily stops falling. The following shadow line crosses the Yang K line, and the short position gradually shrinks. The kdj three-line turns the head, and the ma200 360 below is an effective support. The short trend will still continue, the daily K line is 5 consecutive Yin, the macd long shrinks and runs the double line dead fork down, the short trend is strong, the idea is to suggest 23000-23300 short, target 22450-22000, long wait for 22000- 21500 area target 26000. After a few days of shocks, ETH chose to break down. The 1670 finishing range boundary that Lao Ji said in the evening broadcast was also perfectly touched, and then it oscillated all the way down. Congratulations to those who kept up with yesterday's short orders. The overall decline of Ethereum is larger than that of the big pie. The market fluctuated downward, the MA moving average line diverged downward, the short-term market stopped falling, but the rebound was weak, the macd bears gradually increased their volume, and the double-line dead fork extended downward, and the kdj was at a low level and turned upward. Overall, the bears are dominant, and the hourly level The line is closed with a doji, and the second dip fails to break the position. In the short term, there will be a wave of rebound. If it does not break 1600, it will fall again. The idea is to suggest that the rebound is mainly high, 1600-1620 is empty, and the target 1550-1535 is broken and held. The bottom 1500 is not broken, and the big target is 1800. Tencent conference fixed address: 806-608-9880 (Note: The live broadcast content is provided by third-party analysts for learning and reference only, and is not intended as investment advice for anyone.)
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