PeckShield: 41 Addresses Profited from the Nomad Incident by Approximately $152M

Aug 02,2022
KingData News: According to PeckShield monitoring, approximately 41 addresses made approximately $152 million (80%) in profits from the Nomad attack, including approximately 7 MEV bots (approximately $7.1 million), the Rari Capital hack (approximately $3.4 million) and 6 white hat hacks (approximately $8.2 million), and approximately 10% of ENS domain addresses made $6.1 million in profits.
On August 2, crypto KOL 0xfoobar posted that the cross-chain solution Nomad had been hacked, and that WETH and WBTC were being transferred out at a rate of millions of dollars each, leaving $126 million in the contract potentially at risk.