Solana Suspected of Massive Attack Due to Vulnerability, Phantom Says it's Investigating

Aug 03,2022
KingData News: The CertiK security team tweeted that it had received a report of a wallet theft from Solana for reasons that are unknown at this time. Sources close to Solana's on-chain NFT project Solport say Solana is suffering from a massive attack and loss of funds, and report two wallet addresses where stolen funds are flowing to: CEzN7mqP9xoxn2HdyW6fjEJ73t7qaX9Rp2zyS6hb3iEu and Htp9MGP8Tig923ZFY7Qf2zzbMUmYneFRAhSp7vSg4wxV. These two wallets have stolen at least $500,000 in SOL tokens, $1.5 million in SPL tokens, and $1 million in NXDF tokens. "We are working closely with other teams to get to the bottom of a reported vulnerability in the Solana ecosystem. At this time, the team does not believe this is a Phantom-specific issue. " tweeted Phantom, the Solana ecosystem wallet.
On August 3, the Solana eco-wallet Phantom was suspected to have been hacked, with multiple users reporting that their funds were unknowingly depleted. This indicator provides an update on the theft of Solana wallets.