Downside slowing? Illusion! When will the bears start an accelerated pullback?

Aug 03,2022
After the Fed's rate hike last week and the second quarter GDP data and other time data weeks, the Fed gave up its forward-looking guidance for rate hikes. Due to the lack of fundamental fundamental events in the current currency market, in the past two days this week, most currencies in the currency market. Showed a downward trend of callback. Although the big pie did not fall much, the daily k-line has been overcast for five consecutive years, and the buying was unhappy, and the overcast decline continued. If the market is further weak, the pie may also accelerate the correction trend. When BTC posted yesterday, it was probably around 22800, and then it was said that the current position is more critical and the support column continued to oscillate between 22700-23400. Now the standard standard of walking is indeed oscillating in this range. So now back to the vicinity of 22800, can it effectively fall below 22000 or continue to oscillate at the support column? From the perspective of four hours, there are many upper and lower shadow lines, indicating that the opinions of the long and short sides are not unified. What will happen at this time? It's very simple, it's a shock. If you want to participate in the short-term, it's good to eat two or three times a day in the interval. Remember to reuse the short-term business to prevent changes. Yesterday, ether broke from the upper support level of 1640 and then fell all the way to near 1560 to form a short-term support. It can also be said that with the announcement of the news, the market sentiment has eased and funds gradually entered the market. The wave of short-term rises, the highest rose to 1678. The overall trend of ether is still slightly stronger, and it is safer to take support to do more during the day. The day below the short support 1600-1570. Tencent conference fixed address: 806-608-9880 (Note: The live broadcast content is provided by third-party analysts for learning and reference only, and is not intended as investment advice for anyone.)
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