PeckShield: Approximately $9M of Nomad's Stolen Funds Have Been Returned

Aug 03,2022
KingData News: According to PeckShield monitoring, approximately $9 million of Nomad's stolen funds have been returned to the fund recovery address provided by Nomad. This includes 100 ETH (about $164,000), about 3.78 million USDC, about 20,000 USDT, 15.8 million CQT ($1.38 million), 1.2 million FRAX ($1.2 million), 200 WETH ($328k), 150k $DAI, etc. from the ENS address with the name bitliq.eth. including 100 ETH ($164k) from address with ENS name bitliq.eth, 3.78M USDC, 2M USDT, 15.8M CQT ($1.38M), 1.2M FRAX ($1.2M), 200 WETH (328k), 150k DAI and etc.
On August 2, crypto KOL 0xfoobar posted that the cross-chain solution Nomad had been hacked, and that WETH and WBTC were being transferred out at a rate of millions of dollars each, leaving $126 million in the contract potentially at risk.