Vitalik: Hopefully ZK-EVM will Eventually Be Fully Equivalent to Ethereum

Aug 04,2022
KingData News: "The different types of ZK-EVMs", a paper by Vitalik, classifies ZK-EVMs into 4 major types (5 sub-categories). He said that personally, my hope is that everything becomes Type 1 over time(fully Ethereum-equivalent), through a combination of improvements in ZK-EVMs and improvements to Ethereum itself to make it more ZK-SNARK-friendly. In such a future, we would have multiple ZK-EVM implementations which could be used both for ZK rollups and to verify the Ethereum chain itself. Theoretically, there is no need for Ethereum to standardize on a single ZK-EVM implementation for L1 use; different clients could use different proofs, so we continue to benefit from code redundancy.
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