After the continuous shock, is there a turning point?

Aug 04,2022
BTC has been fluctuating in a range recently. Yesterday, the U.S. stock market broke through high, but BTC did not move. It hit a high near 23600 in the evening and failed to break through effectively. After being under pressure, it fell to a low near 22700. The current currency price is running around 23100, and the four-hour market is trying to break through. The shock range failed, forming a cross Yin k, the second test did not break the previous high, and then the big Yin fell back. It can be seen that the upper pressure is strong, the macd bears are turning more but the energy is insufficient, and the kdj three-line dead cross is downward. In the short term, the market price It still tends to oscillate, the lower support is also strong and has failed to break down many times and the low point continues to rise. The upper pressure is 23500-23800, and the lower support is 22700-22450. Meet everyone at 20:00 every night in the live broadcast room of Coin Exchange to decrypt the candle chart~ Fixed Tencent Meeting ID: 538 626 0025 Click the link to enter the live room: (Note: The live broadcast content is provided by third-party analysts for learning and reference only, and is not intended as investment advice for anyone.)
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