MistTrack:Solana Theft Hackers Have Transferred Some of the Stolen Funds to Ether and TRON

7 days ago
KingData News: Cryptocurrency tracking platform MistTrack posted that the hackers of the Solana eco-wallet theft have transferred some of the stolen funds to Ether and TRON. Most of the funds(~53k $USDT & $USDC) were cross-chain via TransitSwap. About $11,801 USDT was transferred from TAd4uAHdSVpSjwzfBycmKcQR2UvaW8rVzy to a personal wallet, possibly through an OTC desk transaction. The hacker's initial gas fee also comes from the same personal wallet.
On August 3, the Solana eco-wallet Phantom was suspected to have been hacked, with multiple users reporting that their funds were unknowingly depleted. This indicator provides an update on the theft of Solana wallets.