Excessive Chong Fatigue! The bears are killing again!

7 days ago
Market review: Yesterday, the daily closing line of BTC was near 23000. After the short-term low point consolidation in the afternoon, there was no movement, but the daily closing line still supported the 22600 point given yesterday, and the daily line opened in the early morning. When I stepped back, the lowest level reached around 22400. The ETH market closed at 1600 yesterday. It took a whole afternoon of consolidation and did not disappoint everyone. It was defended at 1600, and the oversold reached around 1580 in the early morning. The position of the position to open the rebound road, the overall idea is still the same, still look at the rebound, step back is to cover the position, a very simple way, mainly depends on the two previous highs What to watch today: BTC closed yesterday and continued to stand at 22,600. The support did not break. Overall, it depends on whether the volume can go up today and tomorrow. Today, the upper resistance point remains unchanged at 23,800-24,000 points, and the lower The support point at 22,600 remains unchanged. ETH closed the line yesterday and continued to stand at the support point of 1600 points. It quickly recovered after stepping back to the virtual break in the early morning. At the current daily line level, a long downward lead can be seen. Today’s short-term resistance still depends on yesterday’s resistance. Step back to the 1680-1720 range. This position breaks through the four-hour level in the day and stands firm. Continue to look at the range near 1760-1780. The defense line below still looks at the daily support point of 1600 points. If the volume energy is stronger than that of BTC, then the trend of ETH in the market is stronger than that of BTC. Tencent conference fixed address: 806-608-9880 (Note: The live broadcast content is provided by third-party analysts for learning and reference only, and is not intended as investment advice for anyone.)
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