Dilemma, Where Should Bitcoin Go?

7 days ago
The kinetic energy of the BTC market was not so strong yesterday. The up and down pins appeared on the daily line, and the low point reached a rebound near 22400, but finally the daily line rushed near 23500, which is far from the upper resistance level given yesterday. It did not reach it, which proves that yesterday's long-term volume was not very strong. The daily line closed the small Yang line with a cross. On the contrary, the ETH market trend was very strong in yesterday's day. The daily line level broke through 1600, and the lowest rebound started near 1580. , the highest just reached the first target point given yesterday near 1720, the daily closing line is a positive line that is greater than the energy of the previous two days, today it is strong again to break the position of 1720, the highest is 1750, the previous high point is 1780-1800 position , the next focus of ETH's performance is in this position. Today's highlights: BTC market: this morning, it stepped back on the rebound near 22800 again. The daily trend is bullish, but the current accumulation of ETH is very strong, which has led to the recent side with ETH or ETH itself. Going strong, the current volatility of BTC is not a very strong volume, but the market is going through a shock, bullishness is inevitable, and there is still a certain distance from our goal. Today, the focus of the day is still 23800-24000. The short-term resistance remains unchanged, and the support below Still unchanged around 22600. ETH market: the four-hour level, the daily level is infinitely close to the new high position in the previous period, which is also the resistance level we focus on this time around 1780-1800. Once this position breaks, the market will strengthen again and reach our overall expectation of 2000 points. From the perspective of naked K technology, according to the reasoning, it is necessary to reduce the holdings when encountering resistance, but the strength of ETH and the performance of its energy and energy, I think it will break through 1800 and become stronger again. If the position of 1800 has not broken, it will be completely Forming the top resistance of a range. Tencent conference fixed address: 806-608-9880 (Note: The live broadcast content is provided by third-party analysts for learning and reference only, and is not intended as investment advice for anyone.)
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