Angelbaby Owner Hume Lands $11.7 Million To Create, Promote Virtual Music ‘Metastars’

Sept 23,2022
KingData News: Hume, the tech and music company behind virtual “metastar” angelbaby, raised $11.7 million in a Series A round to create and finance more Web3-based musical artists. "angelbaby" is Hume's first virtual artist for the music metaverse, and has performed at Art Basel, Fluf Haus LA and SXSW over the past eight months. Investors: The funding round was led by TCG Crypto, with participation from Collaboration Currency, Winklevoss Capital, the Gemini Frontier Fund, Flamingo DAO, Noise DAO, Distributed Global, and Coopahtroopa. Project Info: Hume is using Web3 and the virtual characters it creates or acquires to shortcut some of the music industry’s limitations, while leveraging fan connections and financing potential created with blockchain-based technologies.
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