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Sept 23,2022
OKX: Announcement of POR, ARG and MENGO on line in OEE Dear Euromoney users. Euromoney is online for Portugal National Team Fan Token (POR), Argentine Football Association Fan Token (ARG) and Flamengo Fan Token (MENGO) at the following times. POR, ARG, MENGO top-up: September 23rd 15:00 (HKT) Opening time for POR/USDT, ARG/USDT, MENGO/USDT: September 23rd 19:00 (HKT) Withdrawal of POR, ARG, MENGO: September 23rd at 21:00 (HKT) POR Fan Token is the fan token of the Portuguese national soccer team, aiming to create a deeper connection with the fans. The Portuguese national soccer team has represented Portugal in international men's football competitions since 1921, and in 2022, Portugal defeated Turkey 3-1 in the play-off semi-finals and North Macedonia 2-0 in the play-off final five days later to secure a spot in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Full name: Portugal National Team Fan Token Abbreviation: POR Token Contract: 0xb0bb080667e52bd84884d2c90322706c4aa9067b Total number of issues: 20,000,000 Total Circulation: 2,003,988 (2022.09.23) The ARG Fan Token is the fan token of the Argentine Football Federation, designed to create a deeper connection with fans. Argentina is a traditional South American soccer powerhouse that has reached five World Cup finals, and in 2022 World Cup qualifying, Argentina finished second in the South American zone to advance to the final week. Argentina has also won the most Copa América titles, 15 in total. Full name in English: Argentine Football Association Fan Token English abbreviation: ARG Token Contract: 0x9e10469cd2cd93836e19484a9ca1ef5addc43e0f Total number of issues: 20,000,000 Total Circulation: 2,825,549 (2022.09.23) MENGO Fan Token is a fan token of Flamengo Sporting Club. Flamengo is a Brazilian soccer club based in Rio de Janeiro and has been one of the most successful sports clubs in Brazil since the days of the Brazilian National League. Flamengo is the most popular soccer club in Brazil, with over 40.2 million supporters as of 2020. It is also the richest and most valuable soccer club in Brazil. Full name in English: Flamengo Fan Token Abbreviation: MENGO Token Contract: 0x3e2d6fa11fd5a8a360c121a1e9bb3bdf72d8b502 Total number of issues: 30,000,000 Total Circulation: 3,199,972 (2022.09.23) Euromoney warmly reminds that digital assets are innovative investment products, with high price fluctuations and high investment risks. Before investing, you are expected to fully understand digital assets, rationally judge your investment ability and make investment decisions carefully. OuYi will continue to provide you with better products and better services! Euromoney Team September 23rd, 2022 (HKT) 【Click to follow Euromoney Chinese Twitter】>>> 【Click to follow Euromoney Chinese YouTube】>>>
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