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Sept 23,2022
OKX: Euronext's announcement on the downlisting of USDP/USDT, USDP/USDC, GUSD/USDT, TUSD/USDT pairs Dear Ouyi users. In order to create a healthy digital asset environment in the blockchain industry, optimize the liquidity of projects and provide users with a good trading experience, OuYi's risk control department is taking USDP/USDT, USDP/USDC, GUSD/USDT, TUSD/USDT trading pairs offline according to the "OuYi Rules on Hiding TOKEN and Taking Down Trading Pairs". Implementation time: OuYi platform will officially take offline USDP/USDT, USDP/USDC, GUSD/USDT, TUSD/USDT pairs at 16:00 (HKT) on September 29, 2022 (you can still exchange between the above currencies in the flash exchange page): If the pending order is not withdrawn by 16:00 (HKT) on September 29, 2022, the pending order system will automatically withdraw the order for you, and the relevant assets will be returned to your trading account after the withdrawal is completed. Euromoney will keep a constant eye on the projects that are already online and will strictly enforce the rules according to "Euromoney Rules on Hidden TOKEN and Downline Trading Pairs". To protect the rights and interests of all users of the platform is always the foundation of OuYi's service, we hope that the majority of users can understand, support and cooperate. At the same time, we remind users that digital assets are high-risk investment varieties, and OuYi recommends users to objectively assess their investment ability and risk tolerance level and participate in market transactions rationally on the basis of understanding the rules and recognizing the risks. OuYi will continue to provide you with better products and better services! Euromoney Team September 23rd, 2022 (HKT) 【Click to follow Euromoney Chinese Twitter】>>> 【Click to follow Euromoney Chinese YouTube】>>>
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