The Air Force continues to exert pressure, can it break a new low?

Sept 23,2022
After BTC fell sharply in the early morning, the shorts failed to continue, and the white market showed a volatile upward trend. Although there was a fall back in the evening, it was not strong. In the morning, the high hit the 19500 line and then fell under pressure. The current currency price fluctuated around 19450 for four hours. The level obviously shows that the market is fluctuating in a range. The K line is low before breaking, but the indicator has not broken, forming a bottom divergence pattern and rebounding from the Lianyang. Up, it can be seen that the current disk is expected to go up, but the suppression above the large level is strong, and the market is still running in the downward channel, the performance of long and short is not strong, and it is expected that there will be repeated moves in the later period. More, the top suppresses 19800-20000, and the bottom supports 18800-18300. Meet everyone at 20:00 every night in the live broadcast room of Coin Exchange to decrypt the candle chart~ Fixed Tencent Meeting ID: 538 626 0025 Click the link to enter the live room: (Note: The live broadcast content is provided by third-party analysts for learning and reference only, and is not intended as investment advice for anyone.)
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