Some of Shen Bo's stolen Funds Were Converted to DAI Through Uniswap V3

Nov 23,2022
KingData News: Distributed Capital founder Bo Shen's personal wallet was stolen, with approximately $42 million in stolen funds. monitoring by the Beosin EagleEye platform shows that most of the stolen funds have now been converted to DAI and transferred to addresses beginning with 0x4a and 0x66, with 1,606 ETH in addresses beginning with 0x24. According to 0xScope, to be more specific, the hacker give the proxy 38.2M USDC, and the proxy lend 38.1M DAI from Aave and transfer it to the hacker, then the proxy used the hacker's USDC to swap on Uniswap for DAI to pay the debt. Proxy earns $0.1 M while hacker "get clean money".
This metrics provides a follow-up of hack incidents such as the exploitation of the Harmony-eco cross-chain bridge Horizon and the NFT lending protocol XCarnival.