IDO/ICO Weekly Calendar

Apr 04,2022
IDO/ICO Project Express Projects:MetaFighter Token information:MF Project Description:Players can purchase, lend or rent fighters and the arenas, the skins they adorn, and the superpowers they use to overcome their opponents. It comes with a vibrant NFT marketplace and lets players stake $FIGHT tokens to gain an edge on their opponents. IDO Link: Projects:HeroBook Token information:HBG Project Description:HeroBook is a digital collection created on the blockchain platform Binance Smart Chain with many advantages. The form of direct player-versus-player PvP is attractive with the ability to bring great profits IDO Link: Projects:FARM ME Token information:FAME Project Description:Farm Me is a multiplayer-building game that runs on the Near Blockchain platform. Farm Me was created as a farming game with fight-for-survival elements to help you experience the appealing fantasy Metaverse. IDO Link:
This indicator summarizes the IDO/ICO projects in the cryptocurrency circle for the coming week every Friday, and broadcasts the specific information of the projects one day in advance, so pay attention to this indicator to know the IDO/ICO projects.