Be a good Web3 whistle blower, KingData officially launched the open platform of data monitoring

Jan 10,2023
Why launch the data monitoring open platform, KingData said it aims to be a good Web3 whistle blower and build the richest data variation alert platform with the community. Nowadays, there is no shortage of good and professional data analysis platforms in the field of Web3 data, and various professional data API services have emerged. But because of the professionalism and fragmentation, the distance between these data and users is getting farther and farther. How to understand these professional data? How to quickly filter valuable data information from the sea of data and other problems plagued every user. However, the data is related to the safety of each user's money. At this time, a bridge is urgently needed between data and users, and this bridge is data monitoring. To build this bridge, we need more users to put forward their monitoring needs, more developers to complete the development of these monitoring needs, and more data service providers to provide basic data services. In order to better solve the relationship between developers, users and data service providers, KingData officially launched the Open Platform. Through KingData Open Platform, anyone can develop any monitoring logic for any data source. After the development of monitoring logic, it will serve all users in the industry. We also hope that through the next open platform, we can attract more developers to join in, tap more data value, and bring more monitoring services to industry users.
KingData platform is exposed to a lot of quality contents every day. This indicator aims to gather and extract the most valuable data from these contents, and broadcast them here. (Do your own research. It's not a financial advice.)