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Logearn, the world's first decentralized on-chain copy trading platform, is officially launched
Logearn is the world's first decentralized one-click copy trading middleware. Logearn has developed a comprehensive decentralized aggregated copy trading platform. Additionally, it provides a decentralized copy trading SaaS solution that seamlessly integrates copy trading data and processes across various scenarios, including CEX, DEX, wallets, and communities, aggregating liquidity for all copy trading activities in the industry. The decentralized copy trading demand is on the surface, aggregating community-driven trading liquidity to meet users' on-the-go copy trading needs is the underlying logic. From the initial design, Logearn has been committed to aggregating community trading liquidity and providing a unified output. This approach enables better standardization, lowering barriers, and facilitating the entry of the next billion users into Web3 for investment and trading. Logearn consists of three main components: 1、The underlying copy trading middleware. 2、A self-operated decentralized copy trading platform developed based on the middleware. 3、Copy trading SaaS solutions developed based on the middleware. Here, professionals are more professional, and users are more at ease: 1、Lowering barriers. 2、Diversified investment targets. 3、Community-driven. 4、A more transparent copy trading system. Diverse wallet entry options, secure, and transparent: 1、EOA Wallet. 2、AA Smart Contract Wallet. 3、Exchange Wallet. Logearn officially announces its launch! Users can easily perform one-click copy trading operations by visiting the official website: or joining our community. Whether you are focusing on SmartMoney copy trading operations or aspiring to be a leader in on-chain trading, we provide corresponding tutorials.
The ETH Shanghai upgrade is coming soon. In order to better understand the industry changes brought about by the upgrade, KingData has added three ETH 2.0 monitoring indicators. The three indicators are: Name: ETH 2.0 Network Gas Fee Monitoring Description: This indicator monitors the abnormal situation of the ETH network Gas fee in real time and broadcasts the abnormal data in time. Which protocols have caused these exceptions. Link: Name: Monitoring of Total Staked ETH in ETH 2.0 Introduction: This indicator broadcasts daily changes in the total amount of staked ETH in ETH 2.0 and changes in the ratio of the staked amount to the total supply of ETH. Link: Name: ETH 2.0 Deflation and Inflation Monitoring Introduction: This indicator broadcasts the latest ETH supply, destruction, and deflation on a daily basis. Link: It is worth noting that: According to [ETH 2.0 Deflation and Inflation Monitoring] the latest monitoring shows that ETH has deflated for 52 consecutive days. The annualized growth rate of ETH yesterday was -0.2736%. Since the merger of ETH 2.0, the total amount of ETH has decreased by 40,000 pieces. The current total supply of ETH is 120.48M. According to [Monitoring of the total amount of ETH staked in ETH 2.0] the latest monitoring shows that the total amount of ETH staked in ETH 2.0 has been rising in a straight line, and currently an average of 20,000-50,000 ETHs are added to staking every day. Yesterday, 51.6K ETH was newly staked, and the current total lock-up volume is 17.41M ETH, accounting for 14.58% of the total circulation.
Be a good Web3 whistle blower, KingData officially launched the open platform of data monitoring
Why launch the data monitoring open platform, KingData said it aims to be a good Web3 whistle blower and build the richest data variation alert platform with the community. Nowadays, there is no shortage of good and professional data analysis platforms in the field of Web3 data, and various professional data API services have emerged. But because of the professionalism and fragmentation, the distance between these data and users is getting farther and farther. How to understand these professional data? How to quickly filter valuable data information from the sea of data and other problems plagued every user. However, the data is related to the safety of each user's money. At this time, a bridge is urgently needed between data and users, and this bridge is data monitoring. To build this bridge, we need more users to put forward their monitoring needs, more developers to complete the development of these monitoring needs, and more data service providers to provide basic data services. In order to better solve the relationship between developers, users and data service providers, KingData officially launched the Open Platform. Through KingData Open Platform, anyone can develop any monitoring logic for any data source. After the development of monitoring logic, it will serve all users in the industry. We also hope that through the next open platform, we can attract more developers to join in, tap more data value, and bring more monitoring services to industry users.
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