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Feb 01,2023
According to KingData monitoring, your KingData account has been recharged with some coins. Please open the KingData App within 7 days to claim it. To thank you for your support, KingData gave you some coins, a random airdrop of $38-$188 was carried out to all daily active users, with a total of $800,000 airdropped, and the received gold coins can be used to purchase VIP / VIP Pro accounts. I hope KingData can accompany you to meet wealth in 2023. One more thing to add, I heard that this is a random gift. The sooner you open the app, the greater the amount you will receive~
KingData platform is exposed to a lot of quality contents every day. This indicator aims to gather and extract the most valuable data from these contents, and broadcast them here. (Do your own research. It's not a financial advice.)