KingData officially launched backtesting function

Mar 01,2023
Due to the openness of Web3 data, each person will receive a large amount of data or news warnings every day, but the final impact of these warnings on the market is unknown. KingData focuses on Web3 (Crypto, DeFi, NFT, SmartMoney, etc.) blockchain data monitoring, and also issues a large number of data warnings every day. As a result, there is a strong demand for data backtesting. Data warning and backtesting refers to the regression comparison of the information we receive and the K-line associated with the information. In this way, we can easily know the impact of each data warning on the next market. In this way, we can help us accurately screen effective data or information. This function can serve the following scenarios: 1. Based on KingData's monitoring and early warning, the market price changes and alerts of a certain project are attributable 2. Based on the automatic classification module of KingData, quickly find out the projects with the most recent changes and the most worthy of attention 3. Carry out a market backtest for a specific indicator of KingData to confirm its effect 4. Based on the Tweets published by KOL, back-test its influence on the currency price Product experience:
KingData platform is exposed to a lot of quality contents every day. This indicator aims to gather and extract the most valuable data from these contents, and broadcast them here. (Do your own research. It's not a financial advice.)