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Mar 03,2023
KingData has added [Token unlocking data monitoring] indicator. The unlocking of different role holders of each Token has a very strong relationship with the price of the Token. This indicator is more convenient for us to understand the circulation of related Tokens. In the Web3 project economic model, many Tokens are locked in different conditions, and gradually unlocked and flow into the market as time goes by. The unlocking of Token means that the liquid assets of the Token increase, which often has a great impact on the price. This indicator monitors and broadcasts Token data about to be unlocked in real time. It is convenient for users to pay attention to market fluctuations in advance. According to this indicator, next week [March 12], 4.54M APT ($60.25M) will be unlocked. 0.5% of the total supply. Indicator link:
KingData platform is exposed to a lot of quality contents every day. This indicator aims to gather and extract the most valuable data from these contents, and broadcast them here. (Do your own research. It's not a financial advice.)