Macroeconomic Hotspots Interpretation

Sept 18,2023
CoT data indicates an extreme positioning in bitcoin with commericals max short and large speculators max long. In the traditional market, this positioning could indicate a bear bias. But in crypto, without sufficiant data along different timeline, we still have to observe who has a real edge, the commercials or the large specs.
An in-depth look at inflation trends, monetary policy, commodities, derivatives flows and geo-factors. On the one hand, crypto assets are increasingly part of the global macro map, but crypto asset prices react more slowly to macro factors than traditional markets, with information gaps and scope for arbitrage. On the other hand, macro liquidity is like gravity to the price of risky assets, with medium to long-term price movements ultimately reflecting macro liquidity. This indicator provides a real-time interpretation of macroeconomic hotspots. It facilitates users to understand the cycle more clearly and understand the macro fundamentals. By #Junjie @Yvonne19_1